• Many millions of people around the world are desperately searching for a way to make more money. Our company is experiencing strong growth. 

  •  What are so many people seeing when they look at this opportunity?

  • It is something that most people can easily afford

  • It is something that is simple enough for most people to do

  • It is something that can be fun to do

  • It is a system that allows you to earn income by sharing something with other people so that they can earn income by sharing it with other people who....  (I hope those words make sense to you)

  • It is a company that teaches and encourages building a team, and people helping each other to succeed.

  •  The company encourages both husbands and wives to  join the businesses so that they can essentially double their incomes with the same amount of work.

  • There is truly a "huge bang for the buck" compensation plan and a simple "follow the steps" team-building plan that can bring you life-changing income.  All with just a one-time out of pocket $25 investment. 

  • For those who want a faster start, many people are starting with $78 and joining two businesses to get started. This is explained in the first  video below.

  • Because the potential earnings in this opportunity are so significant, I think this can be a great fit for people who are already doing network marketing and are interested in adding a new income source.

  • It is a company with a good history and good management. There is no one else like Doc Lett-the founder and president.

  • It is a worldwide opportunity

  • Having a home based business can give you significant tax advantages.

  • As you build your business, you have the opportunity to earn  significant charitable donations to donate to a cause of your own choosing.

  • You can earn a $50,000+ car and a $10,000 check (and you will own it)

  • There is a great cryptocurrency opportunity so that you can invest some of your profits into bitcoins and etherium if you want to   

  • This system has enormous potential to make money, but nothing is guaranteed and your results depend on you. 

  • Please take some time to watch one or two of the videos . This system is so powerful that you owe it to yourself to understand what it can do for you before you make a decision. 

  • Then join us using one of the red buttons below videos. Welcome to the team.                                           

I think we all know that we now live in the craziest world that we have ever seen and we can't rely on politicians who are trying to score points to fix things.

This website is named TakeCareofYours.com because I think we all have a strong obligation to rise to the challenges that we are facing. It's increasingly obvious that the government can't fix everything.  We each need to develop our own PlanB (and PlanC and D). Don't leave the people you love at the mercy of politicians!


Millions of people around the world are already creating new sources of income that are separate and different from jobs.

It is totally possible to build an inexpensive and powerful system for making money from the safety and security of your own home. There are ways to make yourself and your family much more powerful and much less vulnerable to the dangers of the world.

The purpose of this website is to show you how you can build a complete money-making system and make it as big and strong as your work ethic, belief, desire, dedication, and grit can take you.

The good news is it can be very inexpensive and probably more simple than you think.

​ Obviously most people would like to have  more money... but it seems so hard to get very much.

A lot of people naturally think about working more, but working another job can be brutal ...Suck your life out and you probably won't make enough. 


So I started looking for something different for me and my family.  Some kind of business or opportunity where I could make money for my family and give other people a way to help their families too, because most of the people that I'm around every day are very concerned  about money and our futures.

All I wanted is a way to make money that doesn't take much money to do, doesn't take a lot of time, is simple enough to do and something that people can be happy with. 

What I found is so much more than I expected!  So I decided to share it with other people in this short website.

   What I found is a money-making system called The Winning Combination that is based on building one team and following a system of six monthly steps that can totally change your lives in many ways, if you make a 90 day commitment and play the game to be successful. This thing has been built to change peoples lives.


To help everyone understand how this money-making system works, the owner of the company (Doc Lett) conducts four short online trainings and one question-and-answer session every week. Doc encourages everyone to invite people to participate in these events so that new people looking at the business can understand how everything works. I have recorded some of these and put them on YouTube so you can see what I'm talking about.

I am inviting you to watch 1 or 2 of the videos that are located below with an open mind. Get an idea of the type of people that own this company and how the plan works. Notice how all of the different businesses work together to maximize the money that you can make. If you can see yourself in the "big picture"... starting with  a one-time investment of about $25 and building that into a strong and growing business, then I invite you to join our team in the journey to change people's lives.


John Thomas

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