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I am a networker who is trying to build a network marketing businesses. There are many people who seem to hate networking opportunities...they call them scams or schemes.

I saw my first network marketing opportunity about 40 years ago when I attended a hotel meeting and watched someone "draw the circles". I couldn't sleep that night, thinking about the possibilities of building some kind of team that could make so much money for so many people.

There is a famous quote that says something like "if you think you can, you are right; and if you think you can't, you are right."

I am currently working with an opportunity called The Winning Combination.

I have never seen anything that is so user-friendly. First of all, it only costs a person $78 (or just $25 one time if that's easier). Your only real "obligation" is to find 3 other people who would love to make a lot of money and have $ to start their own business. We will even help you to do that..

From that start, it is possible that you can eventually earn life-changing and create over $4,000 in charitable donations to a charity of your choice.

In other words, you are only risking $50 and you could earn more than a million dollars for yourself, help many other people to earn money, and create very significant charitable donations.

By the way, this is not the creation of some new company that no one knows anything about. It is the newest business that is created and owned by Doc Lett. Doc is an old-school entrepreneur who has been in network marketing for most of his life and his company is 11 years old.

Doc does webinars and trainings three of four times a week and always encourages his listeners to ask questions and make comments. In fact, Doc is so transparent that he posts his personal phone numbers on each webinar and encourages anyone who wants to, to call him. He has a unique relationship with the people who have joined all of his businesses over the last 11 years.

Getting back to the point I was originally trying to make, some people will not even look at this opportunity because they have a very negative mindset about network marketing.

Other people will not care one way or another. Some people will not be able to "see" what I'm talking about. They just won't get it. Some will join because they think they will make money without doing anything.

Some lucky people will look at this and they will see how much money they might be able to make and they will say to themselves, "that's a lot of gold...I'm going to get my shovel."

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