It's Usually About the Money

This is what life is like for me, my family and most of the people that I come in contact with every day.

I am 70 years old and I have been working for about 50 years. I wasn't able to set my family up with enough money to really retire on. Two years ago I became "too old" to do the job that I had been doing for nearly 20 years. I had to retire from that job, but I soon needed to find a job to fill in the gaps between the reality of my retirement and the reality of everyday life.

Like millions of aging baby-boomers, my wife and I are one bad event away from disaster.

We have two sons who are both married with families. Husbands and wives all working with good jobs, nice homes, big mortgages, trying to set themselves up for their futures. They are making it, but it isn't easy.

Our oldest granddaughter is 23 and starting her life as a college student. Working a full time job, scary high rent, high stress, just beginning the student loan game.

So what am I trying to say?

Millions of people are looking for some type of new financial paradigm. Many of them are scanning the internet, trying to find something that will help them.

What if you could offer some of the people you know a business that they could have up and running in a few minutes, and it only cost them a one-time payment of $25.

What I'm talking about begins with a simple first step...purchasing

Everyone usually starts with because it is designed to put you into profits

quickly as you begin to build your team.

Once you are in profit you purchase your second business for $53 and you begin to develop more profits. You continue to operate with profits and develop more businesses.

This is a business that has the possibility of making anyone that joins (world wide) a life changing income, plus possible contributions of over $4,000 to the charity of your choice. Nothing is guaranteed but if you have what it takes, these amounts are possible.

To make things even better, 2by2foryou is part of an 11 year old company that also owns five other companies. All of these companies are set up in such a way that the team you build in 2by2foryou can transition directly into the other companies which together form another possible huge (yearly) opportunity.

We are talking about five monthly paychecks plus weekly checks.

Now when it comes to money.... that's a great paradigm.

My only goal with this website is to give you a chance to watch a short recorded video and make a decision, Doc Lett is the man who invented all of the businesses and put them into the money-making system that he presents in 4 weekly webinars.

Check out the details and the culture of this money-making system in the video. If something

resonates with the presentation, then I invite you to join with our team.

Go to to join

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